HDMI Sound

Adam posted Jun 8 '15, 20:19:

Im at work and couldn't try this out but would running the audio from theHDMI take out the need for an external sound card? Im trying to avoid 2 month delivery times.

joseph posted Jun 8 '15, 22:10:

I think it won't work because HDMI audio output is digital (the output is just 0 and 1!) and not analog. Thus, it cannot be connected directly to headphones or to an amp.

I was afraid myself about delivery times, but I receive my DAC from China in nearly 15 days.

Good luck!

remi posted Jun 9 '15, 11:05:

I tried to use HDMI but the sound was as bad as with the standard audio plug.

Netanel posted Jun 9 '15, 21:21:

Confirmed. HDMI gives terrible sound quality.
That being said, I've tested the sampler with some USB 2.0 standard audio interface, and have gotten pretty good results. I'm getting a bit of "clicking" sounds every now and then, I suppose it depends on the quality of the audio device.
link to the one I'm using

Vape India posted Dec 9 '16, 18:35:


kev posted Dec 10 '16, 02:49:

Excellent and relevant contribution there Vape India, I see what you mean.
Why do they still do this?
does anyone EVER actually click on these spam ads?
what a waste of life

Sparky Lectric posted Dec 12 '16, 22:38:

The forum has "ARRIVED" we are now receiving spam ads in the comments. Can "make money fast" be far behind? soon we will be regaled with tales of cousins,sisters,brothers and selfs making huge amounts of money just by doing something really simple that only takes 3 hrs a week and yet these morons spend their days spamming us with nonsensical claims, instead of earning the huge sums of money they claim their technique allows.

How thick do they think we are? Reminds me of the chain letters of my youth, where you just added your name to the bottom of the list and sent a 1$ to everyone else on the list and then sent 12 copies to your friends and relatives, the electronic version of this became "make money fast" which was all over Usenet for a decade or more, despite obviously being false, and mathematically unsound. You can't prevent stupid, or even try to dissuade it many times, but you can try to get out of its way,when it is coming at you.

VapeIndia, your english is as good as your products.
on a brighter note, I've got all my kit to build my samplerbox including a nice cigar box, but haven't found the time to assemble it yet. Hope to get a few days off for the holidays and get a chance to plug everything up.

I play guitar, maybe I can make some guitar samples, or some processed guitar samples, I've got a roland gs-10 that has a single note synth that has some wicked sounds ( not too practical for most guitar music, but nice for electronica)

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