Samples on USB stick does not work

Cedric posted May 6, 12:10:


I have setup Samplerbox in "light" version : Raspberry Pi 3 only.
First, I have successfully loaded the boot image on the micro-SD card, plug my Midi keyboard (M-Audio Axiom mini Air-32) and my headset.
That works great with the default samples.

Next, I downloaded other samples from this websites and copied them to a USB stick respecting the folder tree as recommended in the FAQ .
I plugged the USB stick into the Raspberry Pi and rebooted it.
From here, I did not get any sound.

Do you have an idea of what is going wrong ?

John posted May 9, 14:00:

pls clarify, What are your folder and sub folder names?

Cedric posted Jun 7, 22:07:

My USB stick tree is the following :

/1 Flute2
/2 LatelyBass

Each folder has its own WAV files, bank of sounds downloaded from
I have tried with different USB sticks, same issue.

I only get the default bank sound included in the default samplerbox package installed on the SDCard connected into my Raspberry.

Of course, for the moment I have got no button to switch from a folder to another (buttons + and -), but using an USB stick should make my Samplerbox using at least what is in the folder /1 of the USB stick, right ?

I am still looking for a solution.

AlexM posted Jun 8, 05:06:

Hi Cedric,

Sounds like the script isn't looking for your USB stick. You will need to edit line 18 of the file to:

SAMPLES_DIR = "/media/" 

FYI the next release will remove the need to edit this file and will auto-detect a connected USB stick :)

Cedric posted Jun 8, 08:52:


the setting SAMPLE_DIR in is already present and correctly configured (I did not do anything, it was included in the package).
Anyway, being on CLI, I plugged the current USB stick again and I get an error message and I see nothing under Media folder.
Now I am using another USB stick and I can see its content under /Media (folders corresponding to the instruments with a number at the beginning of the title).

Now, how can I use these instruments considering that I have not yet buttons plugged into the GPIO pins ? It seems my MIDI keyboard does not have anything to do this.

Thank you very much.

P.J.L. Cuijpers posted Jul 11, 19:27:

Having the same problem here. Is it a matter of properly formatting the USB first?

HansEhv posted Jul 11, 23:26:

In samplerbox samples are loaded from the USB interface device SDA1. USB sticks however don't always have a partition table and in that case the filesystem should be mounted from SDA. You can check your situation with the "lsblk" command. Here's the /etc/fstab line for resolving the SDA issue:

/dev/sda /media auto ro,nofail 0 0

See also discussion on


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