Samples on USB stick does not work

Cedric posted May 6 '17, 12:10:


I have setup Samplerbox in "light" version : Raspberry Pi 3 only.
First, I have successfully loaded the boot image on the micro-SD card, plug my Midi keyboard (M-Audio Axiom mini Air-32) and my headset.
That works great with the default samples.

Next, I downloaded other samples from this websites and copied them to a USB stick respecting the folder tree as recommended in the FAQ .
I plugged the USB stick into the Raspberry Pi and rebooted it.
From here, I did not get any sound.

Do you have an idea of what is going wrong ?

John posted May 9 '17, 14:00:

pls clarify, What are your folder and sub folder names?

Cedric posted Jun 7 '17, 22:07:

My USB stick tree is the following :

/1 Flute2
/2 LatelyBass

Each folder has its own WAV files, bank of sounds downloaded from
I have tried with different USB sticks, same issue.

I only get the default bank sound included in the default samplerbox package installed on the SDCard connected into my Raspberry.

Of course, for the moment I have got no button to switch from a folder to another (buttons + and -), but using an USB stick should make my Samplerbox using at least what is in the folder /1 of the USB stick, right ?

I am still looking for a solution.

AlexM posted Jun 8 '17, 05:06:

Hi Cedric,

Sounds like the script isn't looking for your USB stick. You will need to edit line 18 of the file to:

SAMPLES_DIR = "/media/" 

FYI the next release will remove the need to edit this file and will auto-detect a connected USB stick :)

Cedric posted Jun 8 '17, 08:52:


the setting SAMPLE_DIR in is already present and correctly configured (I did not do anything, it was included in the package).
Anyway, being on CLI, I plugged the current USB stick again and I get an error message and I see nothing under Media folder.
Now I am using another USB stick and I can see its content under /Media (folders corresponding to the instruments with a number at the beginning of the title).

Now, how can I use these instruments considering that I have not yet buttons plugged into the GPIO pins ? It seems my MIDI keyboard does not have anything to do this.

Thank you very much.

P.J.L. Cuijpers posted Jul 11 '17, 19:27:

Having the same problem here. Is it a matter of properly formatting the USB first?

HansEhv posted Jul 11 '17, 23:26:

In samplerbox samples are loaded from the USB interface device SDA1. USB sticks however don't always have a partition table and in that case the filesystem should be mounted from SDA. You can check your situation with the "lsblk" command. Here's the /etc/fstab line for resolving the SDA issue:

/dev/sda /media auto ro,nofail 0 0

See also discussion on

AlexM posted Oct 9 '17, 07:22:

Hey guys - I ran into an issue with one of my USB sticks. It was formatted as exFAT instead of the required FAT32 and hence not found by my RPi. All we needed to do was install a package that enables support for exFAT filesystems:

mount -o remount,rw / # remount main partition as read-write
apt-get -y install exfat-fuse # install exFAT support driver
Rajiv Deo posted Oct 10 '17, 13:20:

I found that there should be no spaces or line return in the definition file, otherwise it does not load.

H3rv3 posted Oct 11 '17, 19:33:

Try folder 0 if you don't have the buttons.
Had this issue and found that the folders start at 0 (check

Eric posted Oct 11 '17, 19:54:

Can you specify? So I can just name a folder "0 Flute" on my USB, and it should automatically run that, when I turn it on with the usb plugged in?


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