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Toby posted Dec 31 '18, 02:48:


I was hoping that there would be a way that I can use SamplerBox with no display. I currently have it plugged into my tv, however I can't take my tv to shows. Is this possible?

Also I've read a lot on this forum, and other online sources that say I need to edit the file if I want to use cc messages to advance through the program settings (my midi keyboard, nanokey2, doesn't have program - / + buttons), however I can't find that file any where...

I'm relatively new to this, any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

loopzzz posted Jan 4, 08:40:

Hello Toby

if you have a little programming experience you could easily capture the inputs from the midi device and adapt the code to change the sample packs. i did that so my mpk mini first knob will change the sample packs.

still it would be nice to have a little GUI so that we know when a pack is finished loading.

Toby posted Jan 21, 21:49:


Thanks for getting back to me! I've just bought a 3.5" "mount on the top of your pi" sorta set up for the screen issue I was having. Anyone know of a good place to start with making a GUI for the samplerbox? I have little-to-some programming experience, but I'm willing to learn by doing!!

Thanks for your help :-)


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