Edit (2018): SAMPLERBOX PLAYER PCB (BETA 1) is now sold out. You can contact us on for more informations.


The SamplerBox Player PCB (Beta 1) is the first version of SamplerBox as a ready-to-use Raspberry Pi extension board. It requires a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, and gives the following features:
  • high quality audio output and headphones output, with volume knob
  • buttons for preset navigation
  • LCD display
This early version is dedicated to users who have DIY skills and who are comfortable with RaspberryPi/Linux/electronics.

Price: 109,90 €
Shipping (worldwide): 9,90 €

  • SamplerBox "drop'n'play" sampler: drop .WAV samples onto a USB stick and play!
  • Up to 128 voices of polyphony
  • High-end audio chip (PCM5122 112db SNR DAC)
  • Stereo main output (3.5mm) + headphone output (3.5mm)
  • Volume control knob
  • Program change and menu buttons
  • MIDI IN and THRU ports
  • 16x2 character LCD screen, colors: green or blue (availability: blue only)

  • A RaspberryPi 2 or 3
  • A standard microUSB power unit (phone charger)
  • A microSD card that will host the ready-to-use image (available as download)

As this is the first PCB version of SamplerBox, you'll also need to love DIY and some RaspberryPi/Linux/electronics skills :) It's even better if you have already played with a RaspberryPi and the current SamplerBox software.

Support/discussion: Forum
Download ready-to-use ISO image: