Start small

I'm often asked this question: “Do I really need to build the whole thing (electronic parts, etc.) to be able to use SamplerBox?” In fact, no.

The project has been designed in such a way that, you can start small, and add more parts then, if you like it. Here are various ways (that all work!) of using SamplerBox:

  1. “I'll just use a bare RaspberryPi + SamplerBox program. No enclosure, no electronic parts for me!”

  2. “I would like to have MIDI IN, so I'll just add the small MIDI circuit, but nothing else (no LED display, no buttons etc.)”

  3. “I would like to build the whole thing, but without the wooden enclosure, and without the MIDI IN circuit (because all my keyboards are USB, so I won't use MIDI IN plug)”

  4. “I will build the whole thing and even add more features!”


Of course, we'll be happy here if you choose #4, but any other choice will work...


start small but start