No sound coming from my setup?

Myles posted Feb 8 '16, 10:48:

This is my current set up. I have a UsB soundcard, a USB with .wav files, and a USB to MIDI that plugs into my keyboard. On the USB, i have the grand piano file from this site. However, nothing comes from my Pi? The software is set up already. Are there any things I have done wrong here or another problem?

JPG posted Feb 8 '16, 20:56:

What do you mean by "The software is set up already"?
Have you configured correctly your soundcard? (modify and AUDIO_DEVICE_ID = xxx)

Myles posted Feb 8 '16, 22:46:

No I have not. How do I do that? Thanks.

JPG posted Feb 10 '16, 23:08:
  1. if you have a linux PC, mount the microsd card
    connect by ssh to your RPI and use mount -o remount,rw /

  2. modify the line AUDIO_DEVICE_ID = xxx in the file /root/SamplerBox/
Kevin posted Feb 25 '16, 06:05:

I have the same problem. What other valid device IDs are likely? I've tried 0,1 & 2.

Sax posted Feb 25 '16, 13:29:

USB device.

Try another one, or sd card reader or write directy on microSD.

Simon posted Jul 21 '16, 00:58:

Hi, I have a linux PC and I whant to mount the SD card but the access to /root/ is denied. I don't know how I can open the file

jpg posted Jul 23 '16, 11:31:

Mount the sdcard and become root (su or sudo) to make some change on the sdcard


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