On / Off for loops

Lazy_Lemur posted Feb 22 '16, 01:16:

Is it possible to setup the software to run loops? For instance, hit the button once to start the loop and hit it again to stop?

Also, is it possible to setup the software to play a drum beat without having to hold the button? For instance, a snare with a long reverb, I would want to hit the button and it would play the entire sample without me having to hold it.

Thanks so much!

Roman posted Apr 8 '16, 07:47:

This is exactly what i want to do with the samplerbox. I want to play Intros and sounds between songs in our bands set.

Try to comment the section

elif messagetype == 8:  # Note off
    midinote += globaltranspose
    if midinote in playingnotes:
        for n in playingnotes[midinote]:
            if sustain:
        playingnotes[midinote] = []

in the samplerbox.py file, so the sample will continue playing if you release the button.

This would be the quick and easy way.

To stop a running sample, my idea is (and the way i stopped samples in my MPX16) by playing a special Midinote wich turns all played samples off. In my case this was the note 0. This is on Pedal 10 on my Foot controller, it acts as a panic button if i accidentally hit the wrong pedal on stage.

I am experimenting with a solution for the samplerbox, something like a "All Notes off"-Button

Roman posted Apr 12 '16, 09:43:

Update to my quick and dirty solution: Have a look at HansEhv's work, he posted it in this Thread:


He made interesting changes in the original samplerbox.py file, with some more options in the definition.txt.


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