Startup troubles

Kevin posted Feb 24 '16, 04:41:

I just imaged samplerbox onto an SD card and got it running but it is making me sign in each time and I can't get any sound to come through. I was running samplerbox through the latest version of raspbian without any issues but now that I'm dealing with the imaged version, its a no go. At present, I have a sabrent DAC and a powered usb hub (connected to an M-Audio Oxygen-25, usb stick with saw and lately bass and a keyboard) plugged into the pi. When I log in, it says that samplerbox is running and it is able to detect the MIDI keyboard. I've tried changing the audio device ID to 0, 1 & 2 but none have worked.

Kevin posted Feb 26 '16, 04:52:

Solved sound problem by changing the midi serial port option to false and the sound directory to ".".


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