Old clavinova and samplerbox

Levi posted Feb 25 '16, 13:08:

Hi! I would like to use samplerbox with my old clavinova CLP-350. I can get the program running on the box and the usb with the sound shows fine. But no audio. I dont have a DAC yet, I want to hear some kind of sound first, so I have tried to change the audio value in sampler.py to 0. But, I get different errors trying to write and save. "unable to open swap file for samplerbox.py" or "unable to write to file". I have googeled for some kind of answer and it can be a lack of memory, but its a 2 gb memory card.

I also wonder if its a problem that the piano has both a midi in and a midi out? I have a converter to USB, so I have just plugged in both cables....

Thankfull for the help.

Levi posted Feb 25 '16, 13:54:

I managed to change audio device to "0" by inserting the card in my computer (didnt think of that...) Still no sound though,,,


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