Where should I upload sound samples to?

Netanel posted Jun 13 '15, 05:56:

I would like to share so CC-licensed samples and/or public domain material I've gathered for samplerbox.
Problem is, I can't find a place on the net to put them on.
Any ideas?

joseph posted Jun 13 '15, 10:35:

Good idea!
What size are they? 10MB, 100MB, 1GB?

Netanel posted Jun 14 '15, 20:55:

Every instrument is about 20MB each I think.. It could get around a few hundred MBs.. It could be really cool if we'd make some kind of community effort to create some sound banks people could download to their samplers. So far i've been 'porting' the sonatina CC-licensed library.they sounds great, really shows how good the sampler can sound without even sensitivity layers.
I've also been making a few patches off samples available from olpc and freesound. all CC licensed.

joseph posted Jun 14 '15, 21:22:

For now (we'll see if we need to move it elsewhere in the future) we can host the sample-sets on Dropbox or sites like http://www.tinyupload.com/

I suggest that we post each instrument (one instrument per post) in this unique thread: http://www.samplerbox.org/forum/15


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