Pi can't find files in /media/

Kevin posted Feb 26 '16, 05:13:

I have my Pi running sampler box and I move been able to get it to play Saw by changing the directory to ".", but it won't detect anything in /media. Ls media lists nothing. My files are names in the format /# VoiceName/. Any suggestions?

Eduardo posted Mar 1 '16, 10:08:

Tray only note n° in file name and if you have defenitions.txt remove it , put the folder in SamplerBox folder and edit SamplerBox.py change média to . , and test it and go from there , it work to mi like this.

Kevin posted Mar 2 '16, 04:37:

how do I access the SamplerBox folder? If I load it into my computer (mac) I can only access the BOOT partition.

eduardo posted Mar 2 '16, 23:08:

in mac i dont know but you mast have any app that let your mac read linux partition and edit , i use windows and my app to do that is Paragon ExtFS for Windows

for mac https://www.paragon-software.com/pt/home/extfs-mac/
in windows home use its free for mac i dont know

Kevin posted Mar 4 '16, 00:16:

Ok, I got an ExtFS trial and was able to access the ROOT partition. I copied in 3 sample folders but when I changed the preset on the keyboard, I didn't get anything. Any ideas?

Eduardo posted Mar 6 '16, 00:10:

Dos you edit média to . ? In SamplerBox folder is ther a 0 saw folder with 4 WAV files, since you edit the SamplerBox.Py média to . , and reboot you have to have that 4 notes playing , see if you have it playing this way and then go on
What is the name of the folders you have put ther , remenber number space name , did you have any defenituon.txt on it?

Kevin posted Mar 8 '16, 06:07:

Its set to look in the right directory, I can get the Saw to play but nothing else.The mellatron flute had a definitions.txt but I took it out.

Eduardo posted Mar 11 '16, 20:58:

Try saw is 0 saw , 1 mellatron, and in defenituons.txt add 1_%..... To your variables i have it working this way , i only cant have velocity yet from may waves.


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