Rpi 3 Blank Screen

Martin posted Mar 12 '16, 13:08:

Hi all,
I've been using my Pi2 with sampler box for a while, everything works well but I was hoping to be able to speed up the load times of some of my "instruments" so I bought a Pi3.

I've taken the SD card and USB pen drive out of my Pi 2, and put it in my Pi 3 and all I get is a blank screen when it's connected to a TV/monitor - I do get a coloured box to the top right though, but obviously get no sound when I use my midi keyboard.

I've then taken the SD and USB out and put them back on my pi2, and it works fine.

Anyone else tried this on a Pi 3?


Jerome posted Apr 16 '16, 11:59:

Hello, I had the same issue. Finally with the image dowloaded on samplerbox.org, I changed 3things and succeeded to boot:

A- boot-delay passed from 0 to 1 (config.txt) => no change

B- replaced the kernel image with a recent one directly in boot partition => no change

C- I replace also the file star.elf in the boot partition : booting !

But, I am always stuck without any sound produced due to some configuration error...

Je boote et j’arrive au login samplerbox.


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