Harpsichord Release Sound

franz posted Mar 12 '16, 15:17:

For a project I'm working on I'm trying to emulate a harpsichord. Therefore I would need the string dampening sounds playing as soon as a key is released. Any input on how to achieve this?


Nick posted Mar 21 '16, 19:13:

Do you have any updates on this? I have a few samplepacks with releases, so I'd like to know as well

Jacco Gardner posted Dec 27 '16, 21:10:

I would like to know as well, as this function is very important to achieve a realistic or lively sound for any instrument that involves an audible event on the key release (including piano, harpsichord, electric piano, or even synth sounds!). Great project though, very interested.

HansEhv posted Dec 30 '16, 00:14:

Can you please supply sample packs with release samples. Just to get an idea of what should be implemented for this (it looks interesting, but I do not want to go programming "blindly in the wild"). Maybe the effect you want can also be achieved with a variable release time, which can now be done (just finished that in the alternative track).

AlexM posted Dec 30 '16, 02:12:

I'm guessing there are separate release sound samples, therefore they could be triggered (one shot) upon noteoff. Not quite as simple to program as it is to describe, but I'd say this is very much possible - and useful!

HansEhv posted Dec 30 '16, 22:57:

Correct, it is feasable to have a second sample started according to different rules (no note-on/noteoff etc..). What I can't rally grasp is how to adapt the starting volume of the second sample to the current level of the playing sample. Harpsichord (like piano) does not have a fixed sustain level, it dies out untill "the damper falls" = the note off is issued. And then we get the release - how to get the right connection?

But harpsichord has sort of same way of making sounds. Yes, it plucks a snare instead of hitting it with a hammer, but lets it sound untill a damper stops it - and this is where the sample stops and release starts. So I suggest to experiment with the release time and get a value corresponding to the damper behaviour. One can make the SB grand piano samples sound bad by choosing a wrong value...
But I maybe wrong (fi the damper introducing extra sound?), therefor the question for a sample set to get a better picture.

SirPrimalform posted Apr 14 '17, 08:29:

I belive harpsichords sometimes have an audible click as the plectrum moves past the string to return to its starting position.

Sam posted May 14 '18, 03:34:

Ive been trying to wrap my head around this same issue. I have an idea but unsure if it would work. I record a sample of a synth sound to include the note release until it's silent all together. Add in the loop marker for sustain. Traditionally, when you play this and release the sound fades quicker than it should and it doesn't make use of the wav ending. Would there be a way to mark the beginning of the Note release segment with a marker and have samplerbox just play from the start of the marker until the end?

synthgenetics posted Apr 14 '20, 15:59:

Can this release option (play other sample when releasing or note-off) implemented ?
You make me and I think other people happy with this option !

Think here when you push a button on a computer keyboard it makes sound but when you release the key it makes an (another) sound too...

For more complex sound you can check the velocity when the key was pressed (note-on) and use this value to select an sample that matched by volume. This would be even more wonderfull but I understand (by my knowledge of programming) this takes longer to program....but I think it must be possible....

So, please.......

HansEhv posted Apr 14 '20, 21:47:

Please have a look at the fork at homspace-xs4all-nl/homspace/samplerbox (replace "-" with ".").
It has support for the embedded release sample technique (the "grandorgue method").
In the few samples in the download area you'll also find a harpsichord sample set using this.
Next release will also support separate release samples, but in general the embedded ones are easier to manage so it may be sufficient as is.

synthgenetics posted Apr 17 '20, 15:24:

Thanks Hans for your responsse...

Het was even zoeken op je RPI webserver maar heb uiteindelijk de laatste (Sbox20190907.zip) gevonden. Zal ga deze zeker uitproberen en laat het resultaat weten !

Your image wih extra options as display and control with use of buttons is very usefull and welcome too !

On this moment I used the standalone application of Samplerbox and not the image version.
This because I run it on a RPI-3 with Ubuntu Desktop, VNC and some other services.
I also have a LCD screen (320x240 I believe) hoping to use it for controling appilications.
I use an Apogee Groove as audio interface (highquality DAC with high output gain)

Greetings from The Netherlands :-)

HansEhv posted Apr 17 '20, 21:50:

Hi synthgenetics,
As you you've noticed, this latest image is almost a year old.
I'm working on having a new release before the first one can celebrate its birthday.
Amongst all new things there is also a better possibility for adding modules to support extra hardware - which may be necessary for your LCD.
My site has possibility for feedback and/or direct mail (keep those short, as the form can choke on long messages; after I have your mailaddress, long messages will be easier).
En dankjewel plus groeten :-)
...en ja dat zoeken wordt ook ietsje beter, de zaak is verder gegroeid dan ik destijds voorzag ...


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