Tell me what the delay in the sound? I can play fast?

BorisR posted Apr 7 '16, 03:20:

Tell me what the delay in the sound? I can play fast?

squid posted May 19 '16, 17:59:

how much delay are you having?
Im planning to make one but play mostly blues and boogie woogie.
Hope the problem you are having is solved by now.

remi posted May 20 '16, 20:02:

I didn't experienced any issue with latency (delay between when a note is pressed and play).
But I don't know how to measure it.

erik posted May 20 '16, 23:19:

I have the buffersize set to 64, which gives a response time of around 2-3 ms, this is really good. This is exclusive the midi delay (from controller, intrinsic midi-slowness, python translation). The included piano has 10ms of silence in each sample, so this is not an accurate benchmark, the SAW is better; there is no silence.

squid posted May 24 '16, 22:46:

this sound oke the thing is I never see new fotos or videos comming out.
so I really dont know what to expect from this thing even tho it looks worth to make.


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