It just works!

Roman posted Apr 8 '16, 07:33:

I just built my own Samplerbox, and it simply works!

My first try was hooking up a USB card reader with an SD-Card containing the sample folders. This did not
work, the SD-Card was not mounted. After that i tried a USB-Stick with the same sample set, and it worked flawless!

I want to use the samplerbox as a sample player for Intros and fills on stage. I use an Akai MPX16 now, but it takes ages to load the sample set, and it is limited to 30MB samples for all the 16 sample pads. So i decided to let the samplerbox do this work in the future.

The control of the samplerbox is made via a FCB1010 foot controller, wich is programmed to play midi-notes by stepping on the foot pedals. So i can play my bass, and play samples at the same time.

By standard (and the right way if you play instrument samples with a keyboard), a Note-Off Message is sent over MIDI to stop the note wich is played. I commented the complete "Note-Off"- elif block in the, so the sample starts and is played, even if the pedal is released. This is the way i want it. (Quick and dirty solution, maybe i will improve this in future...)

Thanks to the Samplerbox creator for this wonderful project!


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