Button wiring

Jakob posted Apr 11 '16, 18:42:

Hello! A community question regarding the +/- functionality:
The Digitast buttons specified in the build instructions seem impossible to find, but I suppose any momentary switches could work. Since there is no proper wiring diagram i just wondered how you'd go about wiring them in (supposing they are standard pushbuttons with stabdard 2 lug-layout).

What'cha got?

Roman posted Apr 12 '16, 09:34:

I have the digitast-Buttons, they are technically 2 switches in one button. One is "on" when the switch is pressed, the other one is "off" when the switch is pressed. So the digitast button has 4 pins. I used a multimeter to determine wich pins are connected when i push the button. You will only need the "closing" switch (Pins 0-1) of the digitast button.

So it would be possible to use any kind of momentary switch wich closes the contact when it is pushed down.


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