Live sampling

Jason posted Jun 14 '15, 17:16:

Do you guys think with an audio interface and some clever coding the ability to sampler live might become reality? This would open this thino to so many possibilities

Aidan posted Jun 27 '15, 01:21:

yeah what is the latency time, because I would like to make a live sampling instrument out of this project!

joseph posted Jun 27 '15, 10:16:

Latency itself is not a problem at all, it can be made as low as all other hardware synthesizers / samplers (see Martin's latest tests here:

What do you mean exactly by live sampling?

Do you mean like an Akai MPC? (i.e. have a "RECORD" mode in which you can record some sound coming from LINE IN/MIC, and then assign it to a MIDI key / to a pad for a MPC)

Or do you mean like a looper pedal?

What kind of workflow / user interface are you looking for?


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