Midi problems report

Andrea posted May 12 '16, 16:08:

Good evening. I finally get my samplerbox running after several adventures... In facts, I've installed a new raspbian jessie image and configured it with all dependencies of samplerbox. I made it starting automatically and now I can play with it.
I need samplerbox because I would like to connect my volca Keys to it and so did I.
Unfortunately, connecting them togheter, I get evertything running, but sometimes I get unwanted samples played or some samples not played.
Furthermore, volca Keys, sends a system realtime midi message which is not well recognised by samplerbox. I suppose the missing/additional samples played are due to this not recognised message.
Anyone has this problem too?

jpg posted May 12 '16, 16:38:
Kees posted May 12 '16, 16:38:

Did you check out the previous post in this forum? There I posted a alternative way to parse midi data which could perhaps solve your problem...

jpg posted May 12 '16, 16:53:

Here? http://www.samplerbox.org/forum/146
(because the "previous poste" on one day can be the "next post" on another day ;-)

Kees posted May 12 '16, 17:10:

You are right ;) That is the post i was referring to, tnx!

Erik posted May 12 '16, 19:53:

Hi, you can also add some debugging by printing the received midi messages. Please report if the 'previous poste' is working.

Just out of curiousity: Is the image read-only? On a Raspberry Pi 3?

I've got the original image running on a RP3, but miss the option to expand the SD card


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