I need to change the audio device from 0 to 2. I only have a mac. How can I do this?

Andrew Schembri posted May 13 '16, 21:39:


I have managed to get the Samplerbox to work. It's amazing how in 30 mins I had it working. What I want to ask is: How can I change the booting audio device from the horribli RasPi audio output to my USB device? can I modify the python file on my Mac? Or can I do it with a few magical lines of code on the RasPi itself?

Kees posted May 13 '16, 23:10:

You can:
1) hookup a monitor via HDMI and a keyboard and boot the pi or
2) hookup the pi to a wired network, find out the IP-adres (in your router?) and SSH to the pi on your Mac.

Login with loginname root and passwd root
remount the filesystem in read-write mode with

mount -o remount,rw /

Then you can edit the script with

nano Samplerbox/samplerbox.py

on one of the first lines you find

AUDIO_DEVICE_ID = 0 # change this number to use another soundcard

change it and save and close the editor by pressing CTRL-x and y

restart samplerbox by typing

systemctl restart samplerbox

When it works reboot the pi by typing


Andrew Schembri posted May 15 '16, 12:59:

Thanks for your reply. However when I write the line to open the python script an empty screen pops up. Saying File: Samplerbox/samplerbox.py on top and the usual ^G Get Help, ^X Exit at the bottom. Any help?

Kees posted May 15 '16, 16:30:

okee, typo

root@samplerbox:~# nano SamplerBox/samplerbox.py

check the capital B


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