Adafruit 7 segment display

Tonny posted May 14 '16, 19:36:

Hi, I have a Adafruit 0,56" 4-didgit 7-segment display with I2C. I wired this just like on the schematic, but it's not working. I already tried changing the I2C address with the jumpers on the back without success. Anybody with the same display, or ideas how to get it working?

Kees posted May 15 '16, 01:39:

It looks like the Adafruit display is driven by a completely different chip (HT16K33 instead of the Sparkfun AtMega328), so you need to change the code to match the Adafruit one.

Tonny posted May 15 '16, 19:24:

Ok thanks, I have no idea how to do that, so I guess I'll try to get the Sparkfun :)


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