[Sample-sets] Free sample-sets here!

joseph posted Jun 14 '15, 21:13:

This topic is dedicated to sample-sets, ready-to-use for SamplerBox.
I suggest that we limit this topic to short posts with just a few lines (one instrument per post), like this:

Name: Example sample set
Download: http://www.example.com/url/mysampleset.zip (25 MB)
Description: This is an example sample set

John posted Jun 15 '15, 06:42:

Name: Eight bit Demo Drum Kit
Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B48bycobXg1AcWRYLVJtSER4Mzg/view?usp=sharing
Description: I was looking for a simple way to add more drum samples to my digital drum set.Here is a simple 8 bit kit I made. Thanks a lot for the Awesome project.

Netanel posted Jun 15 '15, 23:23:

Name: Trumpet
Download: http://gget.it/wamc9ixz/0Trumpet.zip (10MB)
Originally by mattias westlund
This is the trumpet patch from the CC-Licensed Library Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra
it's sampled at stereo 16-bit 44100
Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license

Martin posted Jul 26 '15, 12:11:

Name: Bass Guitar
Download: notesofamelody.bplaced.net/Samplerbox/BassGuitar.zip
I have sampled my bass guitar. An ibanez GSR-190-BK with flatwound strings.
The quality may be poor, I have no professional recording gear, just a very cheap usb interface.
Keep in mind that this is a bass guitar and has its strength a the low end.


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