erik posted Jun 2 '16, 22:33:

I've created a small website to make my update available to others.
Many of the things I collected are there and could be very useful to others.
In the pdf you can find many tricks and how to install samplerbox on a Raspberry Pi3.

Check the features of my version on the site.

erik posted Jun 2 '16, 22:39:

and sorry for the name.... had to use some name. It just was the name of my test folder.

Full credit goes to Joseph!!!!

Jeremie posted Jun 3 '16, 14:37:

Wow you did a lot of work there! I look forward trying it (and definitely need to buy an lcd now :D)

There is a missing link on your website. The 2nd one ( gives me a "404not found" page.

erik posted Jun 3 '16, 15:15:

Link solved...

Steven posted Jun 5 '16, 20:40:

Is there any chance I could talk you into forking the project on GitHub?

Erik posted Jun 5 '16, 21:39:

Hi Steven,

I have no problem if you add this to GitHub but have no clue how to do that. My website explains more than just the modifications and at the moment I do not have time to work on it (have to work on things that I did not do when updating the samplerbox).
I you can add this, I'm fine with it. Or give me a very simple set of instructions...

MolemN posted Jun 6 '16, 20:33:

For me, the sustain pedal doesn't work. Though it keeps sending the correct message (11, 64, 0 or 127). In general, all played notes stay in the "playing notes array". Works fine in the original script. Als ideas?

Erik posted Jun 7 '16, 10:23:

hmmm, strange. My modifications are very limited, please check what the difference is and apply the differences step by step.
I do not have my Pi setup with monitor and display so I cannot debug. I'm alos hardly at home the next week.
My setup is working great. Perhaps your controller sends the data slightly different.

Should not be that difficult to find by printing some debug data in the code. I looked at it quickly and it are only a few lines that are different.

jpg posted Jun 10 '16, 22:58:

I'm interested in the way you can debug the code in general because I have another problem with my midi device (see the "Midi Running Status" discussion

erik posted Jun 11 '16, 12:46:

I just use print... works good enough for me

Salim Kara posted Jun 11 '16, 14:02:

great project!.

Must be ADSR control + mono/poly & Legato function parameters.

Salim Kara posted Jun 14 '16, 14:51:

hi there

my problem is ImportError :No Module Named scipy.signal

What is this?

thank you

Erik posted Jun 14 '16, 15:31:

No Idea, did you install Scipy as described in the manual?
Otherwise remove the import and take out the reference to it in the python file.
Filter is already using too much resources, but I kept it in for possible use in a Raspberry PI 4 or 5

Salim Kara posted Jun 14 '16, 21:37:

Unfortunately, I can not run the PI3.

I get an error even though the filter off. :(

Salim Kara posted Jun 15 '16, 10:07:

Yippee! its working :D but one time :)

I got this error on the next working (Invalid Audio Device ID)

Erik posted Jun 15 '16, 11:58:

could not open the image, but my take on it:

After a ctrl-C, you now need a ctrl-Z (perhaps after i added a few threads to the Python process), then the audio interface is not freed, the next run it will not work, you need a reboot.

The way I work with this is to start the process in the background:
python &

To stop it:
kill 342 (the process number that is still visible in the top)

Erik posted Jun 15 '16, 12:00:

Now i could open the image, Yes this is known to me, the previous mail is the answer

Sebastien posted Sep 25 '16, 20:54:

Hi Erik, Any chance you could make an download image available for a Raspberry Pi 3?



erik posted Sep 25 '16, 22:14:

No, I'm not active anymore as I moved to a Kurzweil Forte with 3GB sample memory and fantastic effects.

Use the new PI3 image from Joseph and add the stuff as described in my manual. Not that difficult.

Occasionally I check this site, just to monitor the progress. It is a nice project!

Good luck.

AlexM posted Sep 26 '16, 05:06:

Big fan of SB2 Erik - sad to hear you're not active anymore! This is my first pi project so a few of the steps in the manual were bigger learning curves for me than for others, but I got there in the end.

I for one would love to see SamplerBox2 as the official SamplerBox. The accurate velocity fix was a game changer for me - I almost jumped ship before I discovered SB2!

Seb posted Sep 26 '16, 23:25:

Tested the sampler2 on my rp3 this evening and it works nice BUT it seems to be playing in a transposed key..1 step down on first boot...Any ideas?

Plays in key on the original sampler.

Michael Kainberger posted Sep 27 '16, 12:34:

Would you sell a full working samplerbox2 to me???
How much?

Rudi posted Nov 5 '18, 04:36:

Hi, how to add Quarter Tone like Yamaha A3000 / Korg PA600QT. it usefull for non chromatic scale, Thanks...

HansEhv posted Nov 5 '18, 22:43:

Hi Rudi,
You can assign any sound/wav file to a midinote.
If you assign a quarter note sample to a midi note, you'll hear it when you play the key or pad assigned to that midi note. If you assign it to a midinote out of the normal keyboard range, the standard play won't be affected.

However if you need but don't have all (Q)notes sampled, the note filling needs to be adapted to fill the gaps.
This can be done by doubling the divisor in the formula for the SPEED table calculation in This will however also limit the range of notes that can be generated without a next sample.
Last will not be the biggest issue as your controller will not be big enough for that range.
The controller is the real issue in here: a normal keyboard layout does not know q-notes.
Same goes for the standard samples, you'll have to adapt the naming to get the proper mapping.
If you also need switching between 24 notes/octave and 12 notes/octave mode it becomes even more complex, as the samplerbox_audio.pyx needs to be adapted to allow for the change without restart. Adapting this script is quite tricky as it has a direct impact on performance.
But it seems doable to me.

HansEhv posted Nov 5 '18, 22:47:

....forgot to mention: please share the result as this would be a nice extension.....

Rudi posted Nov 22 '18, 13:38:

Thanks Mr. Hans, but I not yet done with this case, getting frustrated....
Now I need a modWhell CC 1 for work, how we can do that?

HansEhv posted Nov 25 '18, 23:41:

Q-notes: I said it is doable, I didn't say it is easy :-)
Being curious: how do you want to play these notes, I don't know of any midi device having an easy way to do this.

Just add to the message=11 part in the midi callback using the proper CC_value (=1 for modwheel). All forks have their own way, so check yours, but it's always on the bottom of the procedure


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