USB audio interface keeps breaking

Nick posted Jun 11 '16, 22:43:

Hi guys,
I've gotten my samplerbox to work, but I've already gone through 2 different USB audio interface dongles. After a short while they just stop working, I think after leaving the box on without playing for more than 10 minutes. When this happens I attach my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and everything works again so this is how I know the problem lies with the interfaces. Anyone have any similar experiences or thoughts on this?

Erik posted Jun 12 '16, 13:03:

PI2 or 3?
Did you use the SamplerBox image, of build from scratch?

My version based on the SamplerBox image works stable. I've got several versions of the cheap USB audio insterface (I ordered 3 different versions from different chinese sites, to make sure there was one working, but they all worked fine) and using the Esi Maya 44 Usb+ interface. I had several gigs with it (6 hours on, 4 sets of 1 hour), without any issue.

HansEhv posted Jun 19 '16, 02:56:

I've had some usb interface problems as well. One was with the power consumption of the midi interface (I think it was broken) and the other with occasional distortion/noise on the (cheap) audio interface, circumvented with changing pi's usb-speed. You can find some more info/links on [my documentation pages] ( Hope it helps.

Ing. Michael Kainberger posted Jul 3 '16, 22:09:

I'm completely new in working with PI but I have experience with arduino... I tried hard getting a sampleplayer to work with arduino+wavtrigger and it worked but the performance was not good at all. When I came across SAMPLERBOX I immeditely realized that this would be a much better way! But having to little experience I soon ran into troubles... So my question to HansEhv: Could you please sell a complete working SAMPLERBOX device to me? I'm really interested in it - maybe we could make business together ... Please answer soon!
My adress:
[email protected]

HansEhv posted Jul 3 '16, 23:37:

Hello Michael,
Thanks for the implicit compliment, however at this moment this is a hobby without any intention to make money (simply don't have time for that) so I'm using my only working set for myself. I'm sorry, times may change but for now this is what it is.
By the way: Joseph started all this under creative commons license: which is inherited by updates and forks.

Ing. Michael Kainberger posted Jul 3 '16, 23:56:

Thank you Hans for your very quick answer! If I understand CC 3.0 right then everyone can use and/or adapt the project even commercially...
But for now I do not think about making money but I want to check what is possible and what is not. As I said before I'm looking for a ready to go samplerbox to test a new musical instrument. I would be very glad if you could make one for me. I would pay you twice the sum of the hardware costs... please think of it and let me please know. Thank you.


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