Interested in economic cooperation?

Michael Kainberger posted Jul 4 '16, 12:09:

I'm the owner of a small multimedia-company located in Austria and I plan to make use of a SAMPLERBOX in a sellable product. I think of a samplerboxversion similar to that of 'HansEvh' who adapted the samplerbox under CC3.0 ( The device should be able to play more than one sound at the same note. So there should be at least 8 folders with 64 samples of midinotes with loops and natural soundendings. Polyphony should be at least 64.
Who is interested?
Please write to: [email protected]

Michael Kainberger

Michael Kainberger posted Jul 11 '16, 16:53:

I can hardly believe that there is no one interested in a economic cooperation. Is there anybody out there who wants to make business with some great ideas? I'd really like to give it a try with YOU!!! Firstly we could start with a very simple prototype of a finished samplebox...
Who would like to sell a finished and fully working samplebox (similar to that one of Hans...) to my company?

Please write to [email protected]

Charlie Chen posted Sep 14 '17, 12:04:

HI Mike,

We are manufactuerer in China, would like to work with you to realize your ideas.

Please contact me with my email at: [email protected]


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