turning off your pi

johnco posted Jul 17 '16, 23:04:

hey how do people turn off their pi?
Just simply pull out their micro usb cable?

jpg posted Jul 18 '16, 11:25:

Yes. Before that, I turn down volume if plug in an amp.

johnco posted Jul 18 '16, 15:38:

I heared that turning the rb off without the sudo shutdown -h now command
can cause problems with the sd card.

HansEhv posted Jul 19 '16, 00:08:

The SD is remounted read-only at startup, so it will not be damaged. You can do similar thing with the USB stick so you can have stage capable samplerbox.

jpg posted Jul 23 '16, 11:36:

You can even load a sample, unplug the usb stick, change the sample on your PC, plug the usb stick again,and load the new sample for testing.


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