Need help with Pi..

Thierry posted Jul 26 '16, 23:33:

Hello there..
I'm new to this forum, and totally ignorant of anything concerning raspberry Pi and Python..
But interested by the sampler box..
So this morning I bought a Pi3.. Was it an error ??
I bought a brand new micro SD and an USB key..
I first copied the img directly on the micro SD and plugged it in the convenient socket, but it didn't work.. Then I did what is told here

Using win32diskimager.. Still doesn't work..

So what did I do wrong ??

Mellotron folder is on the USB key..
When I plugg the raspberry Pi on a power supply, a red led is lit..
The raspberry Pi doesn't "power" my USB midi kboard.. And the midi kboard doesn't "power" the have to power them individually..

So.. Your comments and help would be welcome..
Thanx in advance.. And have a nice evening. Or night..

remi posted Jul 28 '16, 10:48:

Since the image was made before the Raspberry pi 3 was out, it won't be able to boot.

Thankfully someones figures this out.

Go to
Download Update files
And copy on the SD card, fixup.dat and start.elf (on the boot partition you should only be able to access this one if you are on windows)

Thierry posted Jul 28 '16, 23:33:

A big big thank you..
and thanx to Erik and Hans too.. I knew that page, and Hans' page too.. But I didn't know I would have to need it..
Anyway.. After copying those files, as you taught me to, my Samplerbox now powers me USB key and my Midi kboard.. ANd produces a very ugly sound, proportional to the key I pressed on the keyboard, and vaguely reminfing me a a Mellotron Flute.. (The only samples folder that I downloaded for now..)
Great great great..
SO I had read that the Raspberry's sound card is not a good one.. Ok.. But is it really THAT bad, that I have a very very very bad warbling sound on my headphones ?? Ok ok, let's buy a soundcard now..
Merci Rémi.. Ton aide est appréciée..
Friendly.. Amicalement..

Opus.quatre posted Aug 14 '16, 19:03:

Still in need of some help..
I did everything I've been told to do..
I downloaded and installed the image, and added the fixup and start files.. Ok ok..
But still, the sound is ugly and unusable.. Seems like it lags.. Reads à few milliseconds of the sample, thenstops, then reads a few more, and stops etc etc.. So much, that the 1seconds HmmmmMellotron notes, does up being 12seconds long..
(Reminder: I use a raspberry Pi 3)..
What should I do ??

Opus.quatre posted Aug 18 '16, 19:21:

Ok.. H received my soundcard and it works perfectly now.. So forget my question..


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