.wav files

chopseuy posted Aug 1 '16, 00:12:

I was wondering where people get their .wav files from?
Is it possible to convert a .sf2 file to /wav?

opus.quatre posted Aug 2 '16, 09:26:

Yes, it's possible..
With Caustic, I can do it..
But there sure are other softs for it..
But many SF2 files are not mulhsamples.. Or they are, but they use one sample for 3 notes, then a second sample for the next 3 notes.. And so on..
And also.. Many of them are small sample, lasting 1 second at the most, and then looped.. You will sure want longer ones..
H know how I would proceed with Caustic.. You can ask me, in case you would chose this solution.. But with other softs, I don't know..

HansEhv posted Aug 2 '16, 11:52:

This sounds OK as it's compatible with samplerbox's way of working.
Samplerbox can (and does) create the missing notes from the "neighbour" samples and will process loop markers.
This way the sample sets can remain small and load fast.
Only trouble is that most programs do not support the WAV loop markers. Hopefully caustic does :-)

opus.quatre posted Aug 2 '16, 13:27:

Caustic does (almost) everything.. Eh eh..

HansEhv posted Aug 2 '16, 13:46:

Good to hear. If this results in good samplerbox sets, please consider sharing :-)

opus.quatre posted Aug 2 '16, 14:04:

Well.. For now my samplerbox in not already working.. But when it works, sure i will share.. No worry..

Anyway.. I'm sure there are soundfonts converters that would extract wav and loopmarkers in a fast and simple way..

(btw, I'm still not a robot, and I'll never be)..

chopseuy posted Aug 2 '16, 14:55:

hey thanks
Im bizzy making piano wav files since the yahama one takes to long to load imo.
I will share if finished im also looking for some old transistor organs.
Maby if someone already have those they can share it.
god bless

opus.quatre posted Aug 2 '16, 21:35:

I made a folder with 29 Mellotron strings wav files..
They are on my USB key, in a folder called "2 Mellotron Strings"..
The files are called "49_Mellotron_Strings.wav", "50_Mellotron_Strings.wav" etc, until "77_MellotronStrings.wav"..
The "definition.txt" file is copied from Joseph's Mellotron Flutes and is thus only one line : *
And it doesn't work.. Though Joseph's file works..
So why ? do I ask..

(Still not a robot.. Thanx for reminding..)

chopseuy posted Aug 2 '16, 21:40:

got the same probelem with my piano files.
pretty much got all the wav files are oke.
Going to upload my files soon.
pappa bless

HansEhv posted Aug 2 '16, 23:40:

Hello opus.quatre,
This file must reflect the naming of your files, so try changing the line in your definition.txt in "%midinote.wav" or "%midinote_.wav".
The Blog contains the syntax rules of the definition.txt with some examples to get you going.
Hope this helps.

HansEhv posted Aug 2 '16, 23:44:

Again the syntax of this forum got me....sorry...
The last character before the dot is an asterisk in both filenames, meaning anything can be in between the %midinote or %midinote_ and the .wav extension.

chopseuy posted Aug 3 '16, 00:24:

I got it working without the definition pretty much only need to get samples.
So now im looking for a way to record the samples of a vst or something.
Again I will share the files soon dont worry.
We need to get this awesome project to the next level.
god bless everyone.

opus.quatre posted Aug 3 '16, 15:46:

To save the sounds of a VST, maybe you can make a song that simply plays all the notes of the keyboard, one by one, for something loke 10seconds each, with a little silence between each note (especially if you added reverb or delay)..
You save this song as wav, an then with Audacity, you can cut the final song in pieces..

(I still didn't turn into a robot..)

BigJay posted Aug 8 '16, 15:36:

yes, the way opus said will definitely work, I do almost the same.
The way I do it:
-create a sound with the vst (in reaper, not audacity for me)
-create a midi track of X seconds (depends what kind of sound you need)
-render the track (=create a .wav file of that note)
-move the midi note to the next one (if it was a C, I'll the do a D#, a F#, a A, then back again to the upper C and so on)
-render a track for each note

You don't need a definition text file (but you can), just directly name the midi file 48.wav ; 51.wav ; 54.wav and so on. Or start on a lower C (36/24/12/0) depending on your keyboard and what you want.

Also if your sound has a lot of effects expect it to sound quite different once rendered.

you can after that also add loop markers, but I still have to find a good one for that.

Luci posted Aug 9 '16, 15:30:

Extreme Sampler Converter, Awave , Chickensys Translator all have the Auto-Sample feature, if I'm not wrong.

chopseuy posted Aug 12 '16, 18:32:

Thanks to all been testing vsts on FL.
They sound pretty shitty imo only the epiano is oke.
I know its possible to get a good sounding piano.
But havnt found it yet if someone got a good sounding piano
maby they can share it?
God bless all.


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