Rotary encoder..

opus.quatre posted Aug 2 '16, 14:39:

My sampler box is not ready yet.. Waiting for components..
But when it's ready, I would like to connect the +/- buttons, of course, but also a rotary encoder, in parallel..
Anyone knows how to do ??
I found this forum which probably explains how to convert the output of a rotary encoder, into a 2 way impulse, but I don't understand much..
They talk about adding some 7474 D flipflops and a 4066 quad latch."
And btw, I would also want to make the same modif on my Ensoniq ESQ'1, and maybe on my Roland D10, so of course this circuit would mean me..
Thanx in advance..

opus.quatre posted Aug 3 '16, 00:57:

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