Mellotron Strings..

opus.quatre posted Aug 3 '16, 18:16:

Hello there..
I just uploaded my supposed-to-be a Samplerbox preset of mellotron strings on my dropbox..

I would like to understand why my Raspberry Pi 3 (still without sound card, and modified using Erik's update files)

  • Transposes my samples one octave up.. Though when I listen to each .wav file on my computer, and I compare with Joseph's flute samples, they are correctly named..
  • Plays up to 9seconds in the lower notes, and only 4 seconds in octave+1, 2seconds in the next octave, etc.. (In fact, it acts as it were transposing one sample..)
  • Plays notes up to the higher end of the keyboard, but not down to the lower end..
  • Starts playing (the lowest note) on G when the first sample is a C#..

(I'm not a robot..)

opus.quatre posted Aug 3 '16, 18:32:

Ooooops.. Oooops ooooops ooooops oooops..

Item 2 : In fact no.. It only transposes the last sample, the highest one, when I play a note higher than this last sample.. That's normal and logical.. SO, item 2 is solved..

Item 4.. Well, I turned my samples into 48kHz samples, and this seems to not happen..

So the very imporant question, for me, is : why does it transpose my samples, one octve higher, compared to Joseph's flute samples ??

(Not a robot..)


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