Soft Choir sample set..

opus.quatre posted Aug 4 '16, 01:49:

Hello there..
Something I like a lot, is human voices and choirs..
I created this PADsynth preset for Caustic, weeks ago.. It uses one of Caustic's machines, the PADsynth, which is a rather powerful additive synthesis machine.. Added parametric filters to simulate formants, to give more credibility to the sound..
If you want to know more, you can read the threads on (If they are not reserved for members, this I don't know..)
Anyway.. It's a synthesized choir, not a real one.. But I believe it's rather convincing, even if soft (not much harmonics)..

Today, I turned it into a set of samples, and with a definition.txt file, I suppose it works correctly on Samplerbox.. I tried on my (unfinished) Samplerbox and it seems to work..
You can download it from my dropbox..

It works better as a choir layer, than as a lead voice..
The best area is the 3rd and 4 octaves..
Each sample is 6,25 seconds long..
It might need some normalization, some notes seem to be slightly louder than others.. Not sure..

This preset, or set of samples, is my own work, and not protected, so you can use it freely, there's no copyright on it..

If it doesn't work, tell me, and maybe I'll be able to correct it.. Or correct it by yourself, maybe..

Have a nice day, or night, or whatever..
Thierry, who's still not a robot..

chopseuy posted Aug 4 '16, 02:40:

nice job man going to test it out asap.
ill let you know if its working.
god bless

chopseuy posted Aug 4 '16, 16:41:

they work for me good sound.

Ayskura posted Aug 25 '17, 09:49:

thank you!

Adam posted Sep 15 '19, 15:19:

Has anyone got a copy of this or can you re-up OP?



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