A better screen...

joseph posted Jun 16 '15, 09:47:

Thinking about having a better display. Options are:

  • 7segment 4 digits display (current situation) : very limited, cannot even display sample-set name because does not display all letters

  • 14/16 alphanumeric 4 digits/letter display : a little bit better, it could display sample-set number + sampler-set name (scrolling)

  • 16x2 LCD (usually green color)?

  • TFT / OLED non-touch screen?

  • TFT LCD touch screen? Here is a 6€ one. Would it work for RaspberryPi? Easily?
    Or this 20€ one for RaspberryPi ? It seems that it uses most GPIO pins, this is bad then...

What about power consumption of these LCD screens? Better or (I can imagine) worse than 7segment display?

remi posted Jun 16 '15, 16:07:

Adafruit TFT touch screen draw 100ma (but it seems it is the backlight who draw the most power)
Sauce: https://www.adafruit.com/products/1601
The backlight can be turn on/off by software.

The code for their camera project use python (pygame exactly), I have forked it to make an somehow customisable non blocking gui on my own (to send HTTP POST request).
Sauce : https://github.com/adafruit/adafruit-pi-cam

Justine posted Jun 16 '15, 19:31:

The Adafruit screen seems perfect and it doesn't use all the gpio pins 4 are even brought to the screen for buttons.

See here


Justine posted Jun 16 '15, 20:00:

Or even cheaper 2.2" tft and no touch just 4 buttons which could be up , down , back , select ??


Justine posted Jun 16 '15, 20:03:

You could develop a standard GUI in 320x240 so any of the tft displays could be used with the 4 buttons ?

Ian posted Jun 19 '15, 11:13:


Given that all you really need to display is the number and preset name, I'd say the 16x2 lcd would be the best option. Plus they are really cheap & readily available.

Francesco posted Jun 23 '15, 12:12:

will be usefull to have a small color display to show the presets with an image, like the mellotron reissue :-)

Ironframe posted Jul 27 '15, 19:43:

Hi to you developers and thinkers..

I did follow a link from this site or page (a couple of weeks back so I forget where now..) and found an inexpensive OLED display which had pin-throughs so it left access to the GPIO pins for other things - seemed like 'the' solution but then I know nothing about programming the Pi yet to make best use of a display but uses there must be, as a 4 digit 9 segment display is somewhat limiting for development isn't it?

Mirco posted Aug 8 '15, 01:37:

I'm using a 2x16 LCD display to show witch sample is in use and for showing the volume level ... Of course i will modify the source code ....

rotylee posted Aug 8 '15, 06:50:
rotylee posted Aug 8 '15, 07:06:
Blackbear posted Jun 14 '19, 09:50:

I need a small embedded display, the kind that I want to touch, I need your recommendation.

Dontagg posted Jul 4 '19, 18:52:

I have been trying (so far unsuccessfully) to get an I2C display working. Either 20x4, or 16x2. Any help in this direction would be great. The idea is to simplify and reduce the amount of cabling from the gpio. The I2C display all works fine with a raspbian build, but I have had no success with the SamplerBox build.


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