Script to make the SamplerBox ISO!

Joseph posted Aug 28 '16, 11:45:

Here is the script I used last year to make the SamplerBox ISO image, available on :

I don't have a RPi3 now, could someone who has a RPi3 with a Raspbian Jessie running try to make a Rpi3 image ?

Needed first:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y cdebootstrap kpartx parted sshpass zip

Then this is how to start the image producing (long process, maybe 1 or 2 hours) :

nohup sudo ./ &
remi posted Aug 28 '16, 18:00:

Cool I'm actually working on making an image for raspberry pi 3.
I'll try it.

Again I would like to take the opportunity to thanks everyone who worked on this project ! I'm having so much fun with it!

I'll report back when the image is finished!

Joseph posted Aug 28 '16, 18:32:

Hi Remi, I contacted you via FB, ça pourrait être utile pour discuter de l'avancement du projet, de mod à faire etc.
-- Joseph

Andy posted Aug 30 '16, 17:36:

Hi Joseph,

I'm running your script now on a RPi3. I've started with the latest Raspian Jessie Lite. I've needed to do a few tweeks so far:-

  • There's no Git installed in Jessie Lite, so I added it with:-

sudo apt-get install git-all

I needed to make the script executable with chmod +x

Also, there is a rogue space character appeared in your command line between ./ and

Script is running & I'll post any progress.

Joseph posted Aug 31 '16, 00:48:

You're right, the correct command is

nohup sudo ./ &
Joseph posted Aug 31 '16, 01:34:

Updated version of the script, please try with this one instead:

Andy posted Aug 31 '16, 06:25:

I'll try the new script now.

I tried the old script & it created a 1.2GByte .img file but this didn't run. I needed to run the script 3 or 4 times because the Pi seemed to hang. The .out file shows that the partitioning and mounting is working.

I'll report the progress!

remi posted Aug 31 '16, 13:58:

I'm trying the script in live here!

remi posted Aug 31 '16, 14:10:

I made some modifications

-- Generate FAT32 boot partition instead of FAT16
-- Jessie in sources.list instead of wheezy
-- Add libraspberrypi0 so boot partition is generated correctly

I'll post the image as soon as it works ^^

remi posted Aug 31 '16, 18:03:

Yikes, something went wrong and the partitions are seen as corrupted, I try again later!

Andy posted Sep 1 '16, 06:07:

Joseph's 'vanilla' script is still running after 23 hours. It's currently 'Validating xz-utils'. RPi is not the fastest build machine :-)

Joseph posted Sep 1 '16, 20:27:

@Andy : oops 23 hours! There should be a problem (or maybe you have a very slow microSD card?). I remember that my script took something between 2 hours and 6 hours, I don't remember exactly...

Andy posted Sep 2 '16, 06:20:

@Joseph: 48 hours gone & cdebootstrap is still executing ;-)

I'll restart the installation. The SD Card should be class 10, but I'll swap it for a different one.

Joseph posted Sep 2 '16, 08:30:

Oops, there definetely should be a problem! Here is a test image I've done this night, can you try? :

Here is the image-making script, updated thanks to @remi's remarks. Note: it uses the "testing" branch of SamplerBox (see on github) that uses python-sounddevice instead of pyaudio. Bonus: it should work with the RPi built-in soundcard now!

Joseph posted Sep 2 '16, 18:28:

Currently making + uploading a new image. Will be ready during the night!

Andy posted Sep 2 '16, 23:05:

@Joseph: I've restarted the build using a different sdcard & the compilation is going much faster. First run hung about half way through & I've restarted it. I'll test your image tomorrow & post any useful info from my nohup.out.


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