[RELEASE] New ISO image

Joseph posted Sep 4 '16, 22:27:

Download link: http://samplerbox.org/files/images/samplerbox_20160831.zip [460 MB]


  • works with Raspberry Pi 3 (or previous versions)

  • works with Raspberry Pi's built-in soundcard, no USB DAC needed (but recommended for better audio quality)

  • loads the default preset "0 Saw" if no media containing samples (USB stick or SD card in a USB SD card reader) is connected

Feedback welcome!

remi posted Sep 5 '16, 15:53:


apt-get doesn't works / SSH Login is slow!


Use external dns server
In /etc/resolv.conf

Kim posted Sep 5 '16, 16:52:

Hey works great!
Got the built in soundcard working with the amixer cset numid=3 1. Dont know if there are any other way. tried to change the audio device number. That didnt work.
Turned up the sound in alsa mixer but it is still really low. how come?

Joseph posted Sep 5 '16, 17:07:

@Kim : there's no need to do anything, built-in soundcard should be default. Isn't it true for you? Does this help about volume: http://www.samplerbox.org/faq#volume ?

@remi: do you have an idea why is this needed now? Was it the same with previous image? (2015)

Kim posted Sep 5 '16, 22:33:

Didnt work from start, perhaps because i started with hdmi and jack, i dont know. Booted up with only jack and still didnt work. I just ordered the usb dac so that i can enjoy the samplerbox fully!

opus.quatre posted Sep 6 '16, 21:54:

Hello there.. Hello Joseph..
What is this new image ?? Is it the version with 2X16 char display and progressive velocity as in Erik's page ??

Joseph posted Sep 11 '16, 21:15:

@opus.quatre : the only changes are the ones mentioned in the first post here: works on rpi3 + no dac needed anymore + default instrument loaded if no usb stick/sd card contaning samples inserted. Does it work for you?
all the rest (display etc.) will come later. I plan to add other things like screen + touch screen support...

@Kim : is it working for you?

Kim posted Sep 11 '16, 22:02:

It Working great. My kids and i use it everyday to practice playing the piano, and playing around with sounds.
Its still low, but i hope it will be bether when the sound card arrives.
Is there anyone who has made sample set they would like to share i would appreciate it!

Bassman posted Sep 19 '16, 10:10:

Great to see Pi3 is supported! I've got a 61 key midi keyboard (An Acorn Masterkey 61) It's a USB to USB interface. Will this work out the box with the new sammpler image or do I need to tweak anything in config? Thanks

Tim posted Sep 27 '16, 13:45:

Does the manual install method work for the Raspberry Pi 3? It looks like they are the old version still?

Peter posted Oct 4 '16, 20:14:

Hi Joseph works on RP3 out of the box, however, I note some distortion or even white noise on the notes when using the grand piano samples. Do you get this also?

rolf posted Oct 4 '16, 21:01:

I tried the new Image (using the on board Audio Out) on Pi2B and on Pi3B but no Sound at all, just a Plopp after the System has been loaded. The old Image works.

Rob Cranfill posted Nov 7 '16, 23:07:

Just download this image and it worked for me on a Pi2B with the stock sound output. Thanks! (The 'official' image did not work for me.)

The download itself was horrifically slow, today, but that's undoubtedly not your fault. ;-)


Josh posted Nov 10 '16, 17:16:

I just want to answer a few of the older questions here:

  1. Bassman: yes it should work out of the box (it worked for me anyway, and USB-MIDI is a very standard connection).

  2. Tim: yes, I have a Pi3 and it works perfectly.

  3. Peter: any audio USB interface will solve the problem of digital distortion (very quiet white noise) caused by interference in the signal chain. I got one with a very useful built in volume control and two jack outputs for about 12 euros on Amazon. Search for USB DAC.
Maurizio posted Jan 7 '18, 18:02:

hello i have added a LCD with I2C but it´s not working at all ???


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