Screen or touch screen ?

Joseph posted Sep 4 '16, 23:44:

Has anyone tested something else than 16x2 LCD?

What do you think about this 7$ 2.8" touch screen?

It would cool to display preset names... With touch, no push button needed anymore!

Have some of you tested such things?

Freddy Loogen posted Sep 5 '16, 13:11:

Exactly my thoughts, I would love the touchscreen!

AlexM posted Sep 6 '16, 11:35:

+1 to this!

chuck posted Oct 28 '16, 03:49:

Adding a screen would affect the latency and playback a good deal. Adding any more peripherals to the pi that are non-audio related is probably a good way to introduce lag. I bought one of those 3.5" touch screen deals off eBay with the intention of doing it for this project, but because of how the hardware on it utilizes the GPIO and the nature of the software that loads on boot, it would make it really difficult to get working well with the samplerbox. I didn't even attempt it after reading more about it. I'm sure it is possible to some degree, just not worth the effort for the minimal increase in functionality IMHO.

I've got a lot of older gear the does just fine with simple 7-seg displays and a few buttons. I don't mind keeping it simple. For my purposes at least, I just wanted something on my midi controller that was always on and ready to playback piano. If I want to get more complicated, I'd just power up my DAW. I didn't even bother with the 7-seg displays. I just wired up a DAC inside the box along with the opto & midi jack.


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