Select Sample sets with Rotary (or other) switch? (instead of buttons)

Angel posted Sep 26 '16, 15:06:

Hey Folks, first thanks to Joseph for the great project and everyone for contributing here! I've got a PI3 running the samplerbox with the couple sound bank buttons

I'm looking for any help/clues as to selecting the sound banks (samples sets) from a physical switch using GPIO pins (instead of changing the bank with the buttons). I'm thinking of a 12 position rotary switch (I'm not interested in having lots of sample sets, 12 is more than enough for me - this way also I can dispense with the screen altogether.)

The physical part will be easy connecting the switch to GPIO, but I'm no programmer for the Python script (willing to learn a little though!). I guess something could go in the "Load First Sample Set" section of the .py script that would be dependent on which pins were grounded in the GPIO?

Thanks for any helpful links/ideas/clues!

chuck posted Oct 28 '16, 03:38:

How about a rotary encoder instead? Or does that defeat the purpose of what you're doing. No way around wiring all those pins and coding what they do if you wanna go the rotary switch route, unless you wanna get even more overly complicated on the physical side.

Angel posted Oct 31 '16, 11:25:

hey Chuck, thanks for input - yeah, I want it simple on the outside, when the rotary switch is in the physical position "X", it's gonna have sample set "X" loaded. yep, I'll have to wire the pins, no problems there, just to figure out the code.... I'm making some inquiries...


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