Midisport/MidiMan/M-Audio Radium USB midi keyboard setup

Jon posted Oct 1 '16, 21:43:


Has anyone got samplerbox working with one of these old midi keyboards? I have one and its a few years old. I think it was made before midi over usb and class-compliant drivers were a thing, so I have read you have to load firmware to the device before it will talk midi over USB.

I found this site with the firmware and managed after a bit of tweaking of the configure script to get the midisport-firmware to install but it doesn't work for me. It looks like the usb side of things has moved on since the drivers were made.


Anyway, if anyone has one of these older midi keyboards and has it working with samplerbox, I would love to hear how you managed to do it.


roderickm posted Mar 12 '17, 21:30:

apt-get install midisport-firmware

...should do the trick. You'll need a network connection first, but that should install the package that contains the USB MIDI firmware you need. Worked on my old Midiman Radium 61 (pre M-Audio brand name).


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