how to change patches with a keyboard?

Tynen Harris posted Oct 6 '16, 02:09:

i have searched around forum and faq and i cant find out how

Tynen Harris posted Oct 6 '16, 02:10:

didnt mean to post twice sorry

AlexM posted Oct 6 '16, 03:42:

If you're game enough you'll want to edit the file and modify the MidiCallback section

Something like this:

# next preset
if (note == 71): #change to the CC value on your keyboard
    preset += 1
    if preset > 127:
        preset = 0

# previous preset
if (note == 70): #change to the CC value on your keyboard
    preset -= 1
    if preset < 0:
        preset = 127
BigJay posted Oct 25 '16, 11:18:

@Tynen : If your (usb) keyboard has a programm change function, use it and it will work and be recognised by the samplerbox. I'm not sure if it's a 100% compatibility with every keyboard, but it works on my akai mpk25.

@AlexM: interesting solution. Did I understand that right: if I play midi note CC71 or CC70 it will change the preset... which means that with that modification presets can be changed by a midi controller that has no program change function?
I'll definitely try it and hope I can have both solution at the same time (depending on the controller I'm using).

AlexM posted Oct 25 '16, 12:54:

@BigJay That's right. Or you can change those values to controls you know the value of

I'm actually currently working on a menu system that has a MIDI mapping function - so far so good! Will definitely need to be connected to a monitor or LCD. I'll post some time soon, however it's a pretty bulky modification! (And messy)


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