Problem with I2C-Display

AlexT posted Oct 22 '16, 14:44:


i recently built a Samplerbox with the same I2C-Display as in the tutorial.
Everything worked fine until I turned it on one day and the display only shows "0000" (like it is powered but get no signal). If I change the Set/Programm it really shortly shows the "L" for loading or "E" for empty, but its only a blink of an eye. It seems as the displayed value is getting overwritten instantly somehow... Is someone familiar to this problem?

Another thing: I'm using it for launching backing tracks for my band and I noticed that if I press an unassigned button it plays the Sample on the previous note a little faster and pitched. Is this a bug or a feature and if second can I turn it off?

Joshua Rackstraw posted Nov 1 '16, 21:15:

The problem with unassigned buttons is a "feature". If you have a musical sample (like a note on a piano, for example) the samplerbox will automatically pitch it up and down the whole scale, filling in the notes that don't have a sample assigned.

The simplest solution would be to assign an silent .wav file to all of the notes you aren't using.


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