organ pedal into a midi

Jon posted Oct 22 '16, 23:30:

I got a free old organ and took out the pedals. I want to make it into a pedal syth. with something like sampler box. So I can play my bass guitar and have my feet play string intro.
Any great ideas?
Best regards Jon

AlexM posted Oct 23 '16, 05:48:

You'd essentially be building and programming your own MIDI controller. I'm sure there are heaps of ways to go about it, but something like this might be a good starting point:

Jon posted Oct 23 '16, 18:57:

Thanks for the input. I wonder is it better to just make it a midi controller only or build in the sampler inside? I have room but I have never done anything like this.

AlexM posted Oct 24 '16, 06:06:

I'd probably want to separate the two - only because you'll be stomping on it and maybe spilling beers on it if you're on stage ;) but then again it would be a neat little package if you could combine them!

Josh posted Oct 24 '16, 21:34:

I was actually looking into options for boxes and welded steel wouldn't actually be a bad choice. To create a kind of stompbox style thing.


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