Pi 3 doesn't boot

Max posted Oct 29 '16, 00:10:

I tried to build my samplerbox, but got a major problem.

My Pi 3 doesn't boot. I downloaded the last release (08312016), put i on a SD card, put the card in the Pi, and... nothing.
The Pi does have power, but the ACT led remains silent.

Should i extract the files contained in the .img file ?
If so, how ? Win10 tells that the image may be damaged.

By the way, i'm french, so if anyone could help me in french, it would be much appreciated.

Joshua Rackstraw posted Oct 29 '16, 00:35:

Hello Max.

You need to use a programme called etcher to install the .img file onto the SD card.


It's very simple to use.

Max posted Oct 29 '16, 09:05:

Thanks Joshua, I figured this out a few minutes after posting here.
Maybe Joseph should add a few words about this in the How To page, for total noobs like me.

Joshua Rackstraw posted Oct 29 '16, 13:24:

Yeah, it took me about 20 minutes to find that out.


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