Simple set-up

Petar posted Nov 5 '16, 18:31:


Will the following set-up work ? :



Glen posted Nov 6 '16, 13:47:

Hi Petar,
My setup is essentially the same as yours. I works. I changed the numbers in front of the instruments so that Grand Piano was the default... i.e "0 Grand Piano".

Petar posted Nov 6 '16, 16:14:

Thank you Glen.

I'm thinking adding the PCM2704 sound card, but I don't know if the improvement in sound quality over the Pi 3's built-in audio card is worth the hassle.

Also, is there any coding needed in order for the Pi to recognize the ports where the audio card and sounds files are plugged in ? Can it be any of the usb ports ?


Josh posted Nov 6 '16, 20:54:

The soundcard is definitely worth the hassle. The PI's own output is very low quality, you will be able to hear the difference.

No it doesn't matter which of the USB ports you use.

Petar posted Nov 6 '16, 22:06:

Thanks. Actually, I have a Lexicon Alpha, so i'll try that one first.

Benwa posted Nov 29 '16, 16:17:

So the dac is plug n play? And how can i set the volule a bit higher please?

Petar posted Dec 3 '16, 15:29:

You need a dac that has a volume knob.

Sparky Lectric posted Dec 12 '16, 22:46:

or run it thru a preamp like the little ones on ebay LM386 based for example.Circuit card about the size of a postage stamp. - they scale up to fancy versions with more bells and whistles. You can get a stereo class "T" amp starting at around 15$ to 20$ which will get loud enough to drive a set of monitor speakers, runs off of a laptop power supply - has tone controls and a blue led that can be seen from the moon.

let me know if you need links I can show you some examples. or just search "lm386 amp"
or "class T amp" on ebay or google.

Benwa posted Dec 15 '16, 17:15:

Ohh with a chezp dac sound is far better i can use samolerbox in a mix now!!!


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