New to SamplerBox / Updating piano sounds in Yamaha piano

Elecmuso posted Nov 7 '16, 01:24:

Hi All

I have a Yamaha P150 which is an old but very well respected sampling piano. You can see it here:
It has a great action, and very nice built in speakers and a reasonably powerful amplifier which makes the whole playing experience more realistic, being that you get vibrations through the keyboard (unlike most stage situations where the speakers are some distance away).

My plan is to update the sounds using SamplerBox. My interests are multi-sample pianos and other electric pianos (wurlitzer, rhodes, etc). I'm keen to discuss with anyone who has a similar aim or experiences.


AlexM posted Nov 7 '16, 02:01:

Sounds interesting! Is the idea to replace the brain of the P150 with a SamplerBox and wire it up to the existing controls and speakers? Actually sounds pretty achievable even to this electronics newbie ;)

Elecmuso posted Nov 7 '16, 02:38:

Yes pretty much exactly that. The P150 is available very cheaply through Ebay etc. due to its outdated sounds and the fact thaqt it is over 30kg (though frankly for piano sounds that is 20 years old, it is pretty good). The weighted piano action itself is still VERY good.

I would still keep the P150 'brain' as a backup but be able to switch between the original sounds as and the SamplerBox when required. The 'brain' as you put it would not be completely disabled as of course the Midi implementation would still need to be done. Actually 'performing a reversible lobotomy' would be a better analogy ;-) since the 'motor functions' of the keyboard - mechanics, midi implementation, amplification and speakers would be kept, and the original sounds recoverable if the samplerbox had a hiccup.

AlexM posted Nov 8 '16, 06:48:

Very cool idea! I have a similar model keyboard at home which I plan to test with my SamplerBox at some point. My experience with electronics is pretty limited so I'm not much use in that department, but if you wire it all up correctly and tweak the script to your needs, I can't see why this wouldn't work. A great way to upgrade old (cheap) digital pianos

max posted Nov 12 '16, 11:35:

hey I got a rhodes and wurlitzer 200a samples.
I can get u the link for the wurlitzer samples but made the rhodes one myself.

Elecmuso posted Nov 15 '16, 08:53:

Thanks Max. Will be very keen to hear your Rhodes samples to see how good it can be done 'from scratch'! I do not have a Rhodes (did once upon a time) to sample.
Yes please let me know where to find the Wurlitzer samples.

max posted Nov 15 '16, 20:16:

hey the wurlitzer samples where crap sorry for that but I do got the mark 1 and 2.
They sound pretty good only there is not enough sustain.
Im not sure where I got them from but I will search them for you.
For now try this grand piano it sounds really good

salamander grand piano wav samples.

max posted Nov 15 '16, 20:39:
Lots of samples the rhodes are in there aswell.
have fun!

Elecmuso posted Nov 17 '16, 03:42:

Just checked out the Salamander hon youtube - very impressive! Interesting that he is comparing it with a Yamaha P155 which is quite a few years forward from my Yamaha P150.

I think I will have to get in touch with him since he has essentially done exactly what I had planned to, though presumably his electronics is housed externally to the piano.

Elecmuso posted Nov 17 '16, 03:43:

Downloading the salamander samples now. Cheers Max.

HansEhv posted Nov 18 '16, 02:21:

Hi Max, the torrent does not work for me (host not found). Do you have an alternative?

max posted Nov 18 '16, 11:49:

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