What Model Raspberry Pi?

Elecmuso posted Nov 8 '16, 06:02:

I don't have the hardware yet so my question is which model am I best off buying? A Pi 3?

AlexM posted Nov 8 '16, 06:53:

On this forum most folk don't seem to have had any issues with their Pi 2s - but it seems like the cost difference between 2 and 3 is pretty negligible at the moment (although I haven't looked for a while). I'm using a Pi3 which has wifi on the board (I think I'll be utilising that soon). For your digital piano upgrade project it (potentially) means you can make changes wirelessly ;)

Elecmuso posted Nov 8 '16, 07:23:

Yeah I wouldn't hesitate to spend the extra. Just making sure since Pi 2 seems to be the one mentioned in the parts document. Wifi for upgrading purposes would definitely be handy.

AlexM posted Nov 8 '16, 07:37:

Yep Pi3 is safe! It's all I've been using :)


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