Midi Clock

Wessel posted Nov 11 '16, 15:33:

Is it possible to let samplerbox "listen" to a midi clock?
Or let it send midi clock...

HansEhv posted Nov 12 '16, 00:01:

Hi Wessel, what purpose are you thinking of?

wessel posted Nov 14 '16, 12:40:

Well, it is possible to let samplerbox play a loop right?
And then sync it somehow to a guitarlooper or vica versa....

Dom posted Nov 14 '16, 16:37:

... or maybe for synced arpeggiator use cases? Or maybe synced repeater effects. Or as a drummer: reversed cymbal sounds timed to exact measure lengths (man, I would love that)

Just some ideas... I have thought about a MIDI-clock as well... but that's just way out of my league


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