Midi Clock

Wessel posted Nov 11 '16, 15:33:

Is it possible to let samplerbox "listen" to a midi clock?
Or let it send midi clock...

HansEhv posted Nov 12 '16, 00:01:

Hi Wessel, what purpose are you thinking of?

wessel posted Nov 14 '16, 12:40:

Well, it is possible to let samplerbox play a loop right?
And then sync it somehow to a guitarlooper or vica versa....

Dom posted Nov 14 '16, 16:37:

... or maybe for synced arpeggiator use cases? Or maybe synced repeater effects. Or as a drummer: reversed cymbal sounds timed to exact measure lengths (man, I would love that)

Just some ideas... I have thought about a MIDI-clock as well... but that's just way out of my league

rs2000 posted May 24 '20, 05:59:

Implementing MIDI clock is not that difficult.
It's nothing but a stupid stream of equally-spaced clock messages that have to be evaluated constantly, ideally by a hardware timer that is driven by the clock pulses.
Add the evaluation of MIDI Status messages to include Start, Stop, Continue and Song Position Pointer messages and your implementation should be fairly complete.


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