Midi Thru ttyAMA0 or ttyS0

Alex posted Nov 23 '16, 15:48:

Hello everybody,
I'm trying everything to use ttyAMA0 (or ttyS0) to work with midi, I built up the interface as showed in the "Make it" tutorial. The problem is I don't receive any note, and I guess it's a baud rate problem: seems that the cmdline.txt hack doesn't work with the new raspbian release, or maybe it's not working with Raspberry Pi 3.
Connecting an USB sound card with midi port works like a charm.

Anyone was able to make serial port work with RPi3 with updated Raspbian?

Thanks guys!!


Cuki posted Jan 9 '17, 11:36:

I have the same problem.

I am note sure it can be done easily.

As I have understood, the full serial port is now dedicated to bluetooth and the mini-serial port is connected to GPIOs but is hard wired to the CPU clock... So I don't know if the hack to get the correct baudrate can work.

I will probably end using a USB to midi interface.


I think Erik tried and failed with this strategy:


Joseph posted Jan 11 '17, 09:51:

HEy guys, quick question. What USB sound cards with Midi work with the system?

HansEhv posted Jan 11 '17, 11:35:

I use Roland Um-1 plus direct connections with Nektar LX keyboard and ESI keycontrol keyboard.
I've also used an el-cheapo midi interface, but after some time this started consuming so much power that raspberry shut the io chip down :-)

HansEhv posted Jan 11 '17, 11:36:

Sorry you asked soundcard.. You can delete my input....


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