Does samplerbox can respond to midi cc? And one modi channel?

Benwa posted Nov 28 '16, 20:59:

1) i d like to control volume of my samplerbox via midi control change, is there a way to do it?
2)I d like also that samplerbox respond on only one midi channel, is it possible too?

HansEhv posted Nov 29 '16, 00:22:

Hi Benwa,
1) No, basic samplerbox does not (yet..) support this, so you have to program that yourself: react on continuous controller 7 ("note" of mesaagetype 11) in midi callback routine.
2) Similar, program limiting the channels listened to in the beginning of the same routine.

Several forum topics on both already, just have a peek to het you going. You can also check my fork at for an example on how to achieve both.

Happy hacking :-)

Benwa posted Nov 29 '16, 14:46:

Ho i am not able to program anything :-( i m just an happy user!

Benwa posted Dec 9 '16, 08:24:

Hi hans, do you have a link for tutorial that would teach me how to modify the samplerbox files?
I really don t kniw how to do it and dont know where to start!

Petar posted Dec 9 '16, 10:57:

Hi Benwa,
Here is an example on how to modify the samplerbox program (fade out length for this example). To do this, I connected the Pi to my TV via HDMI. :

HansEhv posted Dec 2, 23:49:

Hi Petar,
No documentation on this as far as I know...
The statement is in /root/samplerBox/
When you connect you are already in /root, so it is one directory down: cd SamplerBox
Edit the script (for instance with nano as this is more friendly than vi): nano
In nano, the find instruction is ^W (control-W), saving is with ^O (control-O).
Just change the 30000 to 500 and save.
Mind that you will have to do a real poweroff or reboot later (just unplugging the power might corrupt your filesystem).
But for now you can test with:
systemctl stop samplerbox
This will start the script in your terminal.
If you made an error, it will show up there.
Stopping the script is with ^C (control-C)
It also speeds up the process of adapting the value, should 50 milliseconds not work out right.
When all is fine, you can either reboot or issue: systemctl start samplerbox
Hope this helps (and that I didn't make any typos - this without having acces to the pi now.)

HansEhv posted Dec 3, 15:08:

commandline is all you have (plus texteditor nano).
Reboot is reboot, power off is poweroff.
Seems obvious but I know it isn't in Linux world :-)
However if you're that unfamiliar to Linux, make sure you have the SD image backed up in case things get out of hand.

Benwa posted Dec 11 '16, 22:07:

Thanks petar!! I l' try it!
How does work samoler box? It s an app in raspbian?
Is there a graphic interface?

Petar posted Dec 12 '16, 07:59:

There is no graphic interface to my knowledge.

Benwa posted Dec 12 '16, 08:26:

It s in raspbian os?


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