Reliability with regular use?

Mark posted Nov 28 '16, 23:09:

Hi all!
I'm super interested in the Samplerbox. All I need is a standalone device to trigger a handful of pre-existing 2-5 second samples at various times over the course of a 30-minute live set so it seems perfect, but I'm curious if anyone can speak to its reliability in a live show environment. Ideally I'd hope for the software to have a record of reliability booting several dozen nights in a row and running for a few hours each time without any issue. Of course it's highly preferable to not have to bring a bunch of peripherals on the road to diagnose the problem if something goes wrong with the software. Does anyone happen to have experience using it in such an environment?

HansEhv posted Nov 28 '16, 23:56:

Erik has and I have, but we both built our own dedicated forks (your requiremenst seem similar to mine btw).
Bottom-line: samplerbox base engine works. But do mind it's a DIY project.
See and for the forum announcements and links to further info.
I recall there were more, but you can check the items yourself... :-)

leon posted Nov 29 '16, 20:26:

imo its oke if you got good samples but changing sample sets take a long time. (because my sets are close to 1 gb) and there is this weird noise when u start it up and when u change the sets.
I just mute mine so its not that big of a deal but maby live when u need to change instuments it is.
So far its been working good for me havnt had any problems running it for a long period of time.

AlexM posted Nov 30 '16, 05:09:

I'm currently *working towards my setup being as standalone as possible - managing SamplerBox settings, the order of songs (setlist mode) and some definition.txt lines from within my SamplerBox navigation system. My aim, which seems to be the same as yours Mark, is to have a reliable, quality device for live performances - something that isn't a $2000 laptop! I have yet to use it live, but I've been working on it almost every day for a couple of months now - very promising!

*very much still in development as you can see here

HansEhv posted Nov 30 '16, 22:43:

@Leon: weird behaviour indeed. I do not recognize that, but I must admit I have inserted some extra cleanup and initialize statements in the load routine. But I can't recall this behaviour from before that time either.

leon posted Dec 2 '16, 17:11:

Hmm If seen a post about the weird startup noise once.
At this point im only really bizzy trying to get good samples.
Maby when I got a way to convert kontakt nki files to wav.

Nate posted Mar 29 '17, 19:08:

I've experienced that weird blip too with program changes but only on the Pi 2 version 1.1. The Pi 3 doesn't have that issue.


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