This is what I needed!!

Andi posted Nov 30 '16, 08:42:

i just bought a used Casio Cdp-220r for $100, and the worst feature of it is it's piano sample. So, it's got a mic in which plays whatever you plug in to it's speakers. This means, I can plug in the midi to the sampler box, load a better piano sample, have local keys off, and plug it back in the mic in. I'm effectively bypassing the piano's own computer. I love it!

Elecmuso posted Nov 30 '16, 09:30:

Similar to what I want to do! With my Yamaha P150 (which has a great action / OK piano sounds).

Andi posted Nov 30 '16, 19:35:

Now the Grand Piano (Salamander), is it a good sample? Also, where can I find a good piano sample, even a paid one.


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