Build a Setlist

AlexT posted Dec 1 '16, 17:47:

Hey i'm using the samplerbox as intergrated sampleplayer for gigs on stage. Basically i'm launching whole songs with click on right and samples on left channel. Some of those tracks just have a click track and are used for more than one song. So it would be handy if i could build a setlist so i just have to press my buttons from 1 up to 32 as the gig proceeds. Therefore i want to assign one sample to multiple buttons. Is this possible with the definitions.txt? Basically is it possible to define in the .txt which .wav should be assigned to which midinote?

AlexT posted Dec 6 '16, 18:29:

Maybe someone could tell me how the samples-loading process is working? I'd like to change the automatic assigning (1.wav, 2.wav, etc) to a process where for example bla.wav is dedicated to midinote 1 and a blub.wav is assigned to midinote 2 and so on.

Thank you for your help.

HansEhv posted Dec 7 '16, 00:41:

You may get what you want with definition.txt statement "%midinote*.wav".
Then you can have 1blah.wav or "1 blah.wav", whatever as long as you start with a digit.
But more options are available.
The loading relies on something identifying the midinote from the filename. Can be a straight number or a notename.
See the blog for examples on how to play with that.


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